Note Taking on Steroids with Milanote


Whilst Notion is amazing for making and taking notes, I find Milanote leads the pack with organisational kung-fu!

With multiple notebooks, and boards I am able to collate my Notion plans, shoot ideas, route maps, marina plans, tidal charts, and more all in one centralised repository!

Whether I’m planning a complex video shoot for a short or a feature film, a YouTube episode or a TikTok video, Milanote has come to my rescue so many times I have lost count!

The sheer flexibility of the app is mind blowing, if I don’t like a specific shot order then I can just click and drag to re-arrange them on the fly!

In the olden days I would have spreadsheets dotted around all over the place with passage plans and local pilotage notes and then could never find them when I really needed them. With Milanote, everything is in one place and easily managed!

Why not check out Milanote today for free and see if it improves your productivity and organisation/planning!

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