Orca 2 – The Marine CoPilot

Orca Core 2 is a truly next-generation Smart Navigation Hub. It has been completely redesigned to support high-bandwidth boat networks

Cerbo GX with 7″ Display

Victron Energy GX70 touch screen and power monitoring system

240v Inverter

Victron Energy MultiPlus-II 3000VA 12-Volt 230V Pure Sine Wave Inverter 120 amp Battery Charger

Renogy 3000W inverter

Renogy 3000W 240V Off-Grid Pure-Sine Wave Inverter & UPS Function 3000 Watt Solar Power Converter 12V DC to 240V AC with UK Socket 

Lithium Batteries

LiFePO4 Battery with Self-Heating Function, 12 Volt Solar Lithium Battery with 5000+ Deep Cycles

SmartSolar MPPT 100 | 50

Victron Energy Smart Solar MPPT 100V 50amp 12/24-volt solar charge controller with bluetooth

Victron Lynx Distributor

Victron Energy Lynx Distributor contains a positive and negative bus-bar and provides a connection for 4 individual DC equipment circuits, loads or DC groups

SmartShunt 500A/50mV

Victron Energy SmartShunt displays battery State of Charge % and acts like a fuel gauge for your batteries

VE. Direct Cable

Use for connecting two Victron Energy VE.Direct devices

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