Having a Notion


One of the hardest things to do is to plan YouTube episodes. Forget planning a passage across the Bay of Biscay or around Portland Bill, no planning and executing all that is needed for a single YouTube episode is daunting and time consuming!

One of the tools I use to overcome some of the stress and hassle is Notion – This amazing web based tool allows me to break down ideas and plan out shot lists and more!

Not only does Notion work for planning out episodes though, I can also use Notion for those passage plans, to log details of tides, cut and paste screenshots from Savvy Navvy or any other online charting package, store marina diagrams and berthing plans – all in the “cloud” which I can then have a local copy of offline on my tablet or laptop. This has become invaluable as we enter new and previously unknown marinas and anchorages.

You can sign up for a trial of Notion using my referral link – https://affiliate.notion.so/svpc and start planning and clipping today!

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